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With a beautiful enclave to the east of Santander Bay, Ribamontán al Mar is one of the most attractive coastal areas in the whole of Spain, boasting the most beach space in all of Cantabria and flecked with cliff-faces interspersed with coves.

Playa de Somo
This beach is situated on the coast of Trasmiera (the name of the area) joining the Puntal and Loredo and offering seven kilometres of golden sandy beach. As it faces the open sea, the waves are often strong.

It was given the blue Euopean flag for the quality of its waters and its long extension of clean, fine sand.
Playa del Puntal
The Puntal Beach
A long tongue of sand dunes, of surprisingly quick growth, that stretches out across the bay of towards Santander and forms the Cubas estuary. Access to the beach is usually by boat which sails regularly from Santander.

It is one of the longest in Cantabria, an extension of Somo and Loredo beaches and together with Las Quebrantas, the most important area of sand dunes on the Cantabrian Coast.
Playa de Langre
Langre Beach
For many this is the most beautiful of all. Situated on the Trasmiera coast, about one kilometre from the village of Langre.

Its 200 meters of sandy beach is completely surrounded by high cliffs and access is only possible by steps..
Playa de Arnillas
A secluded little cove, a haven of peace and serenity, with naturally high, calm tides, Arnillas.
Beach is known for its vast and surprising cliffs.
It is in Galizano.
Playa de La Canal en Galizano
La Canal Beach, Galizano
La Canal Beach is on the left hand side of the Galizano river mouth. It is a well-visited beach, especially by families in the high season. When the wind is up, it is surprisingly strong so pay attention when you are swimming.
The municipality’s beaches stand out for their fine, golden sands, the 9km of coastline and the space to enjoy sun, sea and sports at your leisure..
Whether big, small, urban, rustic, tranquilly secluded or open onto the Cantabrian Sea, all of the beaches boast fine, white sand and clear, clean water, with no exceptions.
Cliffs, coves, seaside walks – the Cantabrian coast offers visitors ample choice in order to enjoy a few days break.
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