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Mountains and coast. Cantabria is synonymous with, leisure, relaxation and nature in its purest state. Its natural locations and 200 kilometres of coastline make it one of the richest and most personal destinations of the Spanish peninsular.
Altamira Caves: Considered the “Sistine Chapel” of Palaeolithic art, these caves contain what are probably the most famous prehistoric paintings in the world.
Somo Beach:
One of the best beaches in Cantabria, prolonged by Puntal Beach and Loredo Beach.
If you wish to follow the Way of Saint James on the coastal route, you can stay at our facilities that can be found step-by-step along the northern route, or more precisely along the BERANGA-NOJA-GUEMES-SOMO-SANTANDER stages. Furthermore, if you have a pilgrim passport you will be able to take advantage of a further discount: check with each accommodation option beforehand by telephone and book your place.
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